class BinaryViewEvent[source]

The BinaryViewEvent object provides a mechanism for receiving callbacks when a BinaryView is Finalized or the initial analysis is finished. The BinaryView finalized callbacks run before the initial analysis starts. The callbacks run one-after-another in the same order as they get registered. It is a good place to modify the BinaryView to add extra information to it.

For newly opened binaries, the initial analysis completion callbacks run after the initial analysis, as well as linear sweep and signature matcher (if they are configured to run), completed. For loading old databases, the callbacks run after the database is loaded, as well as any automatic analysis update finishes.

The callback function receives a BinaryView as its parameter. It is possible to call BinaryView.add_analysis_completion_event() on it to set up other callbacks for analysis completion.

>>> def callback(bv):
...     print('start: 0x%x' % bv.start)
>>> BinaryViewType.add_binaryview_finalized_event(callback)

Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.



Initialize self.

register(event_type, callback)