class binaryninja.pluginmanager.RepoPlugin(handle)[source]

``RepoPlugin` is mostly read-only, however you can install/uninstall enable/disable plugins. RepoPlugins are created by parsing the plugins.json in a plugin repository.





api string indicating the api used by the plugin
description String short description of the plugin
enabled Boolean True if the plugin is currently enabled, False otherwise
installed Boolean True if the plugin is installed, False otherwise
license String short license description (ie MIT, BSD, GPLv2, etc)
license_text String complete license text for the given plugin
long_description String long description of the plugin
minimum_version String minimum version the plugin was tested on
name String name of the plugin
path Relative path from the base of the repository to the actual plugin
plugin_types List of PluginType enumeration objects indicating the plugin type(s)
update_status PluginUpdateStatus enumeration indicating if the plugin is up to date or not
url String url of the plugin’s git repository
version String version of the plugin