class RepositoryManager(handle=None)[source]

RepositoryManager Keeps track of all the repositories and keeps the enabled_plugins.json file coherent with the plugins that are installed/uninstalled enabled/disabled


x.__init__(…) initializes x; see help(type(x)) for signature


__init__([handle]) x.__init__(…) initializes x; see help(type(x)) for signature
add_repository([url, repopath, …]) add_repository adds a new plugin repository for the manager to track.
check_for_updates() Check for updates for all managed Repository objects
disable_plugin(plugin[, repo]) disable_plugin Disable the specified plugin, pluginpath
enable_plugin(plugin[, install, repo]) enable_plugin Enables the installed plugin ‘plugin’, optionally installing the plugin if install is set to True (default), and optionally using the non-default repository.
install_plugin(plugin[, repo]) install_plugin install the specified plugin, pluginpath
uninstall_plugin(plugin[, repo]) uninstall_plugin uninstall the specified plugin, pluginpath
update_plugin(plugin[, repo]) update_plugin update the specified plugin, pluginpath


default_repository Gets the default Repository
plugins List of all RepoPlugins in each repository
repositories List of Repository objects being managed