BNBinaryDataNotification Struct Reference

Public Attributes

void * context
void(* dataWritten )(void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, uint64_t offset, size_t len)
void(* dataInserted )(void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, uint64_t offset, size_t len)
void(* dataRemoved )(void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, uint64_t offset, uint64_t len)
void(* functionAdded )(void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNFunction *func)
void(* functionRemoved )(void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNFunction *func)
void(* functionUpdated )(void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNFunction *func)
void(* functionUpdateRequested )(void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNFunction *func)
void(* dataVariableAdded )(void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNDataVariable *var)
void(* dataVariableRemoved )(void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNDataVariable *var)
void(* dataVariableUpdated )(void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNDataVariable *var)
void(* dataMetadataUpdated )(void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, uint64_t offset)
void(* tagTypeUpdated )(void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNTagType *tagType)
void(* tagAdded )(void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNTagReference *tagRef)
void(* tagUpdated )(void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNTagReference *tagRef)
void(* tagRemoved )(void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNTagReference *tagRef)
void(* symbolAdded )(void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNSymbol *sym)
void(* symbolUpdated )(void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNSymbol *sym)
void(* symbolRemoved )(void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNSymbol *sym)
void(* stringFound )(void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNStringType type, uint64_t offset, size_t len)
void(* stringRemoved )(void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNStringType type, uint64_t offset, size_t len)
void(* typeDefined )(void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNQualifiedName *name, BNType *type)
void(* typeUndefined )(void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNQualifiedName *name, BNType *type)
void(* typeReferenceChanged )(void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNQualifiedName *name, BNType *type)
void(* typeFieldReferenceChanged )(void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNQualifiedName *name, uint64_t offset)

Member Data Documentation

◆ context

void* BNBinaryDataNotification::context

◆ dataInserted

void(* BNBinaryDataNotification::dataInserted) (void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, uint64_t offset, size_t len)

◆ dataMetadataUpdated

void(* BNBinaryDataNotification::dataMetadataUpdated) (void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, uint64_t offset)

◆ dataRemoved

void(* BNBinaryDataNotification::dataRemoved) (void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, uint64_t offset, uint64_t len)

◆ dataVariableAdded

void(* BNBinaryDataNotification::dataVariableAdded) (void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNDataVariable *var)

◆ dataVariableRemoved

void(* BNBinaryDataNotification::dataVariableRemoved) (void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNDataVariable *var)

◆ dataVariableUpdated

void(* BNBinaryDataNotification::dataVariableUpdated) (void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNDataVariable *var)

◆ dataWritten

void(* BNBinaryDataNotification::dataWritten) (void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, uint64_t offset, size_t len)

◆ functionAdded

void(* BNBinaryDataNotification::functionAdded) (void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNFunction *func)

◆ functionRemoved

void(* BNBinaryDataNotification::functionRemoved) (void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNFunction *func)

◆ functionUpdated

void(* BNBinaryDataNotification::functionUpdated) (void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNFunction *func)

◆ functionUpdateRequested

void(* BNBinaryDataNotification::functionUpdateRequested) (void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNFunction *func)

◆ stringFound

void(* BNBinaryDataNotification::stringFound) (void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNStringType type, uint64_t offset, size_t len)

◆ stringRemoved

void(* BNBinaryDataNotification::stringRemoved) (void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNStringType type, uint64_t offset, size_t len)

◆ symbolAdded

void(* BNBinaryDataNotification::symbolAdded) (void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNSymbol *sym)

◆ symbolRemoved

void(* BNBinaryDataNotification::symbolRemoved) (void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNSymbol *sym)

◆ symbolUpdated

void(* BNBinaryDataNotification::symbolUpdated) (void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNSymbol *sym)

◆ tagAdded

void(* BNBinaryDataNotification::tagAdded) (void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNTagReference *tagRef)

◆ tagRemoved

void(* BNBinaryDataNotification::tagRemoved) (void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNTagReference *tagRef)

◆ tagTypeUpdated

void(* BNBinaryDataNotification::tagTypeUpdated) (void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNTagType *tagType)

◆ tagUpdated

void(* BNBinaryDataNotification::tagUpdated) (void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNTagReference *tagRef)

◆ typeDefined

void(* BNBinaryDataNotification::typeDefined) (void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNQualifiedName *name, BNType *type)

◆ typeFieldReferenceChanged

void(* BNBinaryDataNotification::typeFieldReferenceChanged) (void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNQualifiedName *name, uint64_t offset)

◆ typeReferenceChanged

void(* BNBinaryDataNotification::typeReferenceChanged) (void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNQualifiedName *name, BNType *type)

◆ typeUndefined

void(* BNBinaryDataNotification::typeUndefined) (void *ctxt, BNBinaryView *view, BNQualifiedName *name, BNType *type)

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